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Going smoke free

I wish Pepperchini's and that small restaurant "Kitchen Table" would go smoke free. I was in Pepperchini's the other day (ordered take out) and by the time I got home I had to change clothes and shower. I actually put my clothes on the line outside to air out. It was the worst I have ever seen it in there.

All the smokers say - "it is our right to smoke", well, guess what???? IT IS MY RIGHT TO NOT TO HAVE TO SMELL IT IN PUBLIC PLACES!

I wish Huntertown would wake up and take charge. Fort Wayne did it, so did a lot of other states...... LIGHT BULB!
jeepman 02/19/08 1744

If you don't like the smoke you should not go there!

You non smokers need to focus on more important issues.
n/a 02/26/08 1818

Maybe if you tried their pizza, sausage rolls, beef sandwiches or salads you wouldn't worry about the small things so much
n/a 03/07/08 0950

Your right. I can't change wha I originally wrote on this forum and I agree, their food is excellent. I just want to suffer along with the smokers. I actually order from there all the time, it just really reaks. I hope their staff are smokers, well, they are like it or not.

If there were another restaurant in town with food just as good that was smoke free, I'd beth they'd do the same because I'd bet there would be a shift of smokers to one place to another, but I don't ever want to see another place ever opening so I'll just keep quiet.

I wasn't out to offend anybody as I never used a forum before. Sorry if anyone took this wrong but the forum is kind of fun. I need to come up with some happy things though, not just the doom and gloom I read about but I guess this place is a good sounding board and the only one I know about. I go to the town hall meetings but I;m to nervous to ever say anything. I'm just an old man.
epman 03/07/08 1215

I don't think it is about us NON Smokers focusing on different issues, I think it is about being considerate to other people choices. It was great when everyone had a separate closed off room for their preference.
n/a 05/07/08 1707

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