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Skaters in town

Can't there be one spot for all these kids to go? I see all these kids of all ages just hanging out. Isn't there somewhere they can go until the park gets built?

I see the kids in Miller's lot every morning before school smoking and milling around like some rough necks. I would like to see this town create something for the kids to keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Too much time on their hands gives kids too many opportunites to get into trouble. There has been a lot of vandalism in this town over the years. It is a shame the skaters get the brunt of the blame.

Maybe if Huntertown would provide for them a place to go, people like me can relax and not scrutinize the kids in this town.
n/a 2/29/08 1513

For grownups - u sure do worry a lot about dumb things. U should let us skaters skate where we want and leave us alone. I am always bein chased by some grown up bein told 2 go somewhere else. Sure looks like u have ur own issues 2 think about and we try 2 stay by our ramp at the church.
skaterboy 3/05/08 1347

I see a decrease in the skaters in this town. (through Lima Rd anyway). I guess they are all getting license's and now drive and hang out at Farmer Merchant Bank's parking lot after hours.

I live in the apartments over there by The Willows and let me tell you, it sucks. Makes me rethink renewing my lease.

At least in the lot they aren't on a lot of personal property - just the banks.
trisny 5/06/08 2008

The town doesn't really care. They now want to take part of the land they bought (extremely over priced, I might add) and use it for trash!

Should have seen the people who turned out at the last meeting!
cjb 6/16/11 1057

I think that when the town purchased this land, they did it knowing full well that they weren't going to use it for a playground for the community. Who do they think they are fooling?
trisny 6/21/11 1117

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