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Clear the sidewalks!

Did it ever occur to anyone in town to clear their sidewalks so people can walk their dog, or just plain walk? Twice this year I have fallen on the sidewalks full of snow and ice under it because it melts then re-freezes and nobody does anything about it.

I could walk in the street, but then I run the risk of getting ran over.

Plus, the streets aren't much better at being cleared unless you walk dead smack in the middle, which I am sure wouldn't last long either.
jaycrazy 2/11/08 1223

Hello? I am the only one who has any comments on this??
jaycrazy 2/27/08 1100

Okay, now the snow is gone, but there is debris all over. I haven't seen a clear sidewalk yet.
heritage 4/14/08 1515

See, Huntertown still doesn't do the sidewalks. Almost broke my neck walking in front of the doctors building on the side walk today going to the post office. Their walkway wasn't much better!
trisny 2/16/10 1511

Do we know who's responsibility it is to clear our sidewalks, the residents, or the Town employees?
n/a 3/09/10 0620

It shouldn't matter whose JOB it is. The town states SO proudly that they installed the sidewalks, they should maintain them!
cjb 6/16/11 1055

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