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I thought the town had big plans for downtown improvements. I guess the improvement was the sewage plant. If anyone else is OUTRAGED besides me, let's talk.
Jaycrazy 6/20/11 1900

I was at the meeting yesterday. I also watched the news later. The guy who was interviewed that lives by the proposed land states he didn't have any issues with the land being used for a sewage plant - I have this to ask him...... What will this sewage plant do to the value of your home? In an economy that is already beyond poor - houses with little to no value compared to what it was when bought - won't this just make it worse?
Weezy 6/21/11 1000

I have lived here all my life and it would be a very sad day here in Huntertown if they put this sewer plant in the middle of Huntertown. I know that the TC is under a lot of pressure to do something but i don't think this is the answer. I really think they need to keep looking for a better solution.
dw 06/21/11 1329

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