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Post office parking is AWFUL !

I am tired of the congestion while trying to park at the post office to get my mail. It would be helpful if they delivered to ALL the houses in town. Why is it that some streets MUST get a PO BOX? Guess it has something to do with making money for the TOWN. Lunch - right before they close from 1-3 is the WORST time to get your mail. Of course it is the best time for me to leave the office to go get my mail when our phones are the least busiest. Sure would be nice to either move the Post Office or get a crossing guard there directing traffic. Same goes for Saturday's. What a zoo it is on Saturday's. And I especially love those who turn around in the Post Office's parking lot and go back down the one way - THE WRONG WAY - then stare at you like you are the IDIOT.
slogan 02/18/08 1547

You are not kidding. I think I have almost been ran over at least 14 times this year from people reading their mail while driving around the corner on Trinity to the next street.

Absolutely crazy!
n/a 02/19/08 1115

If you think its bad now wait until the person who owns the business next to it actually starts renting out the place for people to live. There are three parking spaces designated for that building and if im not mistaken its being turned into two 3 bedroom apartments. Someone correct me if i'm wrong and its only being turned into one.
Xblade 02/25/08 2241

I think your right, the sign says a 3 bedroom apartment. But I think
that when a family lives there, they'll probably be at work during
the day anyway not affecting the parking congestion anyhow.

The sign says Apartment (not plural). I would guess that means one.
n/a 02/26/08 1549

I don't think the new apartment there is the problem nor the solution.

Can't you two participants in this see that?

If you think about it, the people living there will most likely be at
work all day and maybe we can park in front of that building then
since I do agree there is terrible congestion at that corner because
of the post office, not the florist or the apartment building. Even if they were to be working 3rd shift, how many cars can one family have.

If there are 3 or 4 spots there, that ought to be sufficient, don't
you think???

I think both of you have no right to be concerned what goes on at that building when this forum topic is about the post office parking. I go there every day around 4 pm and those cars in front of that building that never seem to change OR MOVE, are not affecting the post office at all.

It sure seems like those people there (whoever they are or
what ever they do there) never affects me at the post office. What does affect me is no real methodology to parking offered by the post office.

I think the post office should handle this not renters in apartments
on either side of Trinity.
n/a 02/26/08 1711

I almost got hit today while coming out of the post office. I can't believe how many people truly don't pay attention while driving. I was glad I jumped, she was on the phone (cell phones are dangerous!) or I would have been ran over!
mom_of_boys_2000 04/18/08 1655

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