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Good ol' Huntertown - does it again!

Why can't the Town make more parking between Edgerton St and Trinity St to create more room for the Post Office parking, extend the parking on the road along the sidewalk like the building next to the Post Office? I've been to virtually every town meeting there is and they never do anything about making it easier for me to find a place to park when I pick up my flowers. All too many times I end up getting them from Krogers and Scotts just so I don't have to have the hassle.

You park by the Post Office for more than 3 minutes and you have some grumpy butt yelling at you when you get back to your car.
trisny 3/9/08 1202

I have to say that I agree with this initial posting of pbj. This town does't have a lot of parking. I see the houses close to the Petal Shop that have company at night and on the weekend park in the lot of the flower shop. The houses that are by the churches have their company park in the church lots.

It is a shame that the people who are in charge of making decisions for this town aren't wise enough to think outside the box when it comes to growing this community.

I read the meeting notes on the Town of Huntertown's web site and I hear that they want to implement a Commercial Plan that would keep the Commercial Business' in town. I really don't see how this is possible if the decision makers of this town can't realize that in order to prosper and make this town worth staying in - they will need parking for the Commercial Business' to survive.

If there thoughts are that they only want the Commercial in the Commercial parks that are already existing, then why are they giving the Commercial building by the Post Office such a hard time?

Think about it, are they giving them a hard time because they really want to keep that building Commercial or is it because they don't like the fact that someone who owns it doesn't COMPLY with their whims?

If this town is going to survive and improve, it needs to change. I would love to see some changes in this town. How about you?
n/a 03/25/08 1247

It was my experience when I lived in Huntertown that the town is not that big. You can take five minutes to go from the north end to the south. But be careful, if you blink you miss the entire experience.

Huntertown is a small town which I believe does not have high hopes of being a big city. That is the appeal of the "town" feel. Sure you might not be able to get curb side parking but the beautiful thing of it all is you have such a short walk. The post office has always been a pain to get in and out of. In fact, you have to take a vacation day to get your mail if you have a po box. I found that to be very difficult to do.

The people in the town complain about small things when they need to look at the big picture. You chose to live in Huntertown because it is not Fort Wayne or the bigger cities. You are comfortable living just 20 minutes away the big city and being able to not deal with all the traffic and crime.

Take it in stride and enjoy your little town. I grew up there and found it to be a great experience. Be thankful you do not live in a huge city like Phoenix, Arizona. This is where I reside now and try to find a parking spot there without your car being jacked!!
Jenny Potthoff Chandler, Arizona 03/27/08 1732

Putting in parking spots along old lima wouldn't make this town become any bigger. It would only offer a spot for visiting friends and relatives a place to park while visiting... instead of encroaching on someone else's property causing an issue and angry words.

You can still have a "beautiful walk" through town with parking.

The post office parking is ridiculous, but not a major concern of mine.

I don't live in Huntertown, wouldn't want to either. Even if it is a small town, doesn't mean the people in it or running it have to think SMALL.

It would raise property value and while keeping the small town feeling, it would add convenience to a town that desperately needs it.
larry 04/30/08 0801

Move the ugly trailer with 2 flat tires from in front of 15735 Lima ...and while they are at it they could clean up the street.
n/a 01/26/10 1651

I have lived in this town all of my life and I remember back in the 90's/early 2000's it was no problem to get in and out of the post office. The town has seen quite a bit of growth over the years, but not much change as far as accommodating that growing population. I see only a few solutions to this problem:

(1)If additional right of way could be acquired, Lima Road could be widened on the side to accommodate more vehicles wishing to park on the side in order to have better accessibility to the Post Office and the Petal Shop or...

(2)A site close to the Post Office would need to be developed into a fully functioning parking lot to relieve congestion on parking on both sides of Trinity's one way street.

(3)If for some reason the Post Office reaches full capacity, they would be forced anyways to either add-on (which there really isn't any room there at the current location to do so), or they would have to relocate altogether, just like they had to years ago when they moved from where Northwest News sits today.

The only way that anything like that could ever be put into perspective, is if there was enough community input from a majority of town residents to make such a motion. All these issues mentioned throughout the forum need to be brought to the attention of the Town Council. Either attend a town meeting, or you can participate in this forum to address any problems or concerns you have if you can't make it to a meeting. That's about the only way that I can see this town moving forward.
trisny 02/16/10 1509

It doesn't pay to attend any meetings in Huntertown. They decide to do whatever they feel like and don't look at things objectively. That is the biggest problem of all.

Maybe putting parking spots all along Lima won't make the town any bigger, BUT it definitely would make it a lot easier for people to park and entertain, etc.

The way this town is - it will never grow. They don't realize they can grow but still be a small close knit town.

What I would like to know is why MY TAX dollars are being spent on frivulous lawsuits about parking spaces that are in front of someone's building / home. It is obvious those spots belong to that building, just like the spots in front of my house, belong to me.

Absolutely stupid if you ask me. Doesn't the town have anything better to do - like finish the park that is still just ground so that the kids have somewhere to go? OR INVEST in something useful for the town's growth.
Trisny 03/09/10 0634

I've read through all the comments on this thread, and feel your frustrations also. All I can say is this is an election year. All 5 Town Council positions, plus the Clerk-Treasurer position, is up re-election.

I for one, intend to vote for the new candidates, including a new Clerk-Treassurer, and hopefully a new board will listen to the community.

Be sure to vote in the primary on May 4th.
n/a 03/09/10 0637
Go to www.huntertownbytes.com, and read what they are saying over there about things in Huntertown. It's a new website and you can comment on their postings.

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