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Flooding through town

Sure would be nice if those folks on Lima up north had better drainage so they didn't have to swim across their driveways onto old 3.

Can't imagine how some of them get out of their driveway to even get to the grocery store.
cjb 1/16/08 1054

You should take the time to drive a little north of town to see what the poor folks in those houses are dealing with. The new house going up has nothing but a mud field to work with. I see the sewers constantly bubbling when it rains spewing nasty water into the streets. HMMMMM, I wonder?
slogan 2/18/08 1549

I went past those houses again the other day. The one that is always flooded actually put stone down in their driveway. Little do they realize that they put it in a hump in the middle of the lane, but without reinforcements on the sides, the pressure from the vehicle will squish it down and embed it into the dirt and they will have to replace the rock all over again. Smart - not so smart!
cjb 4/18/08 1657

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